Lower Lake Maggiore

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Mountains, valleys and enchanting towns: the southern part of Lake Maggiore

This zone covers the shorelines of the lower Piedmontese Verbano region. Belonging to it are Arona, Mount Mottarone in the north and the town of Invorio in the direction of the southern summit of Lago d’Orta. There are many enchanting townships in the environs, including Arona, Massino, Visconti, Meina, Lesa and Belgirate.
In the past there was a flourishing harbour in Castelletto Sopra Ticino and Sesto Calende on the southern mouth of the Lago; it was of great importance for trade with the whole of Northern Italy and Switzerland.
A breath-taking landscape has evolved in the Lower Lago. The surrounding mountain range of Alto Vergante reaches a maximum altitude of around 2625 feet; mountains and valleys teem with water – a characteristic feature of the region – as are the many scattered mountain villages.

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Discover the Lower Lake Maggiore

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