Typical products
of Lake Maggiore region

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Wine, cheese, honey and much more: the products of Lake Maggiore and surroundings

The Lago Maggiore region offers a wonderfully diverse range of food and wine.

Each of the three Provinces of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Novara and Varese can serve up quite exceptional delicacies designed to make a gourmet’s heart beat faster.
In this region you can taste gorgonzola cheese from Novara, goat cheeses from Varese or other typical cheeses made on the high mountain pastures in Verbano. The different types of honey produced in this region are perfect with cheese, bacon or as embellishment for sweets and desserts. Then, you can taste gourmet products like Mortadella Ossolana (selected Slow Food product) and the Prosciutto della Valle Vigezzo, as well as many different types of rice, such as Arborio, Baldo, Balilla, Sant’Andrea, Vialone Nano and recently Riso Nero Venere.
Moreover, the region is beloved for its wines: the Prunent, a traditional wine of the Ossola Valleys, has been rediscovered only in the last years, while among the Novarese hills the tradition of high quality wine has always been present. Excellent wines are made still today from Nebbiolo, the “king” of grapes in this region.


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