Upper Lake Maggiore

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Where lemons grow: the northern part of Lake Maggiore

This is the northern part of the lake extending towards Switzerland and stretching as far as Cannobio, the last town on the Italian side.
The secret of this region’s beauty lies in a breath-taking contrast of lake and very steep mountains. The thickly wooded mountains make a more dramatic impression here than for instance the gentler hills of the southern side of the lake.
The Malpaga castles, also called “The Castles of Cannero”, can be seen near Cannero Riviera. These fascinating ruins situated on two tiny islets visible from the lakeside are the landmarks of the upper Lake Maggiore.
Cannero Riviera is also famous as the northernmost place in Italy where lemons grow outdoor all year long.
In the hinterland of Cannobio, the Valle Cannobina connects the Val Vigezzo with Lake Maggiore and offers many options for excursions and rambling.

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