Parks at Lake Maggiore and Ossola Valleys

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Regional parks and nature reserves around Lake Maggiore and Ossola Valleys

In Lake Maggiore region you can visit several important parks and natural reserves. One of the most famous is the Val Grande National Park, the largest integrated natural wild reserve in Italy; here nature has been preserved in all its primal wildness. Other must-see parks are the Park of Ticino, fascinating for its incredible biodiversity, and Veglia-Devero Natural Park on the Swiss border.
The several parks of this region are perfect if you love wandering. Here you can immerse yourself in unspoiled nature and discover many different species of plants and animals.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the Val Grande National Park, of the Park of Ticino and of Veglia-Devero Natural Park.


Explore the parks around the lake!

Parco Nazionale Valgrande

Valgrande National Park

Valgrande National Park This national park situated between the Val d’Ossola, the Val Vigezzo and Lake Maggiore measures 15,000 hectars…

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