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A cosmos in themselves: Ossola Valleys

The Ossola Valleys, in the north of Lago Maggiore region, are characterised by very diverse landscapes: here you can enjoy both the beauty of the valleys – around Domodossola, for instance – as well as the fascination of high mountains. The Monte Rosa massif is the second highest mountain in Europe, looming up here to an altitude of 15091 feet. The Ossola Valleys are particularly fascinating for individual tourists: they are ideal for hiking – alone around 1553 miles of walking paths through a wild, rugged landscape seemingly untouched by human hand await the visitor.
The parks are also well worth a visit: the Val Grande National Park is after all the greatest wild life reserve in the whole of Italy and the Parco Naturale Alpe Veglia e Devero is a protected nature reserve at the Swiss border.
Alone 70 different types of cheeses can be tasted here, among them of course the king of cheeses, the Bettelmatt. This region produces various kinds of salami, too, and not to forget the famous gnocchi made of chestnut flour.

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