Varese and the Lombardian shore
of Lake Maggiore

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The east shore of Lake Maggiore

The Lombardian shore of Lago Maggiore stretches from Sesto Calende on the southernmost point of the lake to Zenna on the Swiss border, a distance of around 40 miles. Compared to the Piedmontese west shore opposite, it makes a wilder and more elemental impression.
The Lombardian shore is surrounded by gentle hills all the way up to Laveno. The thick reed belt is also a characteristic feature of this section – which is extremely interesting as well for its wealth of prehistoric and Roman archaeological finds.
Further north the fascination exerted by the landscape is simply spell-binding and the lake shore becomes much steeper. Like the hinterland it bears almost alpine features. Between the wooded mountains, often over 3281 feet high, are Valcuvia, Valtravaglia and Val Veddasca, extending all the way to Lago Maggiore. Some kilometres away from the east shore of Lago Maggiore is located Varese as well as the massif of Campo dei Fiori (4022 feet) and Lago di Varese.

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Discover Varese and the Lombardian shore

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